How the mass of the Israelites got traited
by their own elite - what excavations in Israel do show

Tanach and Old Testament tell the story of the babylonian exile. They donīt make clear that this was not true for the majority of normal people of the country but only for persons important enough. For simple Israelites - or let me call them more clearly hebrews - it had been possible to stay at home when their elite had been sent into exile to babylon. They were the big mayority of their people. It would have been to costly for the Babylonians to exchange more but a quite moderate part of the populations of all the countries they had conquered.
Instead of these deported the Babylonians had sent the most influential parts of other conquered peoples to Canaan, and of cause there had been cases of mixing. The Babylon-fraction came back changed. Now they demanded a strict separation from other people who didnīt believe in

All this is made very clear by the results of israeli excavations on mount Garazim near Jerusalem.  That means the big majority of average hebrews had stayed at home. This was obliterated in tanach and Old Testament. So all I want is a "translation" of these old findings into the story I will write down now:

And they didnt allow the simple Israelites who had stayed at home to participate at the construction and use of the new temple they built. Anyway these simple fellows were not able to understand the new parts (profets) they had introduced into the Tanakh, the source of what christians call the old testament.

Why I did get active ? My jewish grand-grand-grandfather was hunted to death by the nazis, and I was almost killed unhindered by some idiots just because Iīm a German - they believed they were antifashists. So I am also a descendent of the israelite elite, - the ones who had come back from Babylon and had traited their own fellowmen.

ī90 in Bremen
< First about my political background:

at the annual meeting of the BDS (Germanys then most important political association of small enterprises and self employeds where I have worked more than 5 years long. After I had allmost been killed by political violence Iīve hidden my face on this picture.

Here a really exellent certivicat  of work, of cause in German.

Why I do know? Because Iīm a former professional politician and I never was in a political party, so I had to learn more. After a political conflict allmost killed me I engage in policy of peace and politicy of health too. Here why I do think peace for middle east is very, very possible.
So I got a familiar reason to care what happens to jews (my grandfather, a quarter jew with an exellent military education was only conscriptet when world war II neared itīs end. Like that he could survive and I got the chance to know him.
In my work I have learned to estimate political developements and
actions. After the nazis had destroyed the association I worked for I was ordered to research its history before war. This was a good opportunity  to get an exellent impression how political developenents happen. Thereīs enough hints to conflicts in the old testament, at least in itīs parts that follow the books mose.
Iīm sure there is no difference to biblical times, and the second part of the old testament tells about ancient conflicts. Or do you think YHWH only told half of the story in the books of Moses, and only the prophets found out the complete truth in babylon?
By now it is clear in the holy land there existed much more Israelites than what we call jews now - only the decendants of the their leaders that treated them. It would have been much to costly for the babylonians to expell more than those with the most considerable influence.
All this is made very clear by the results of israeli excavations on mount Garazim near Jerusalem.  That means the big majority of average hebrews had stayed at home. This was obliterated in tanach and Old Testament.
Thatīs why when their descendents returned they could only take the fortified city of Jerusalem given to them by the inhabitants of the country.
This great number of simple Isrealites had been friendly let the returned settle in their well fortyfied city of Jerusalem. The mass of the israelites also offered to build the new temple together with returned, but theses refused this offer. They ojected them because some of them had mingled up.

The ancient returned jews hadnīt been half as severe themselves, when a jewish woman had a relation with a persian king. Iīm talking about the jewish woman  Hadassa = Esther and Xerxes. Well Iīm sure they werenīt what we would call married, but the story was good enough to be taken into the holy book without getting ashamed. So the autors of it donīt seem to have had major problems with this intermingling. 

As result the temple of the samaritans = the temple of the mass of israelites got considerably more important than the one in Jerusalem. There existed enough high priests who prefered to change to their side and not to leave their wifes and children. The returned could only dare to destroy this temple much more important than their own in Jerusalem after many years when the country had been heavily damaged by an invasion.
Eaven if a great part of the israelites of canaan /palestina got forced to become christians and later became muslims since, the palestineans surely have more Samaritan or ancient Isrealite forefathers. I donīt dare to say if modern jews or palestineans are more hebrew. Surely the palestinians have the big majority of hebrew ancestors.

You see you realy are one family with your palestineans.
More thoughts
about actions and fate of the ancient isrealites: Oh no, I donīt play your prophet, you may believe whatever you want. Do you believe in what the book Ester tells? I do ask for what is told in the Jewish Tanakh.
I do not mind to much if the story is all true, half true or not true at all. In any case
in biblical times it seemed quite righ that jews and members of another people could have social and eaven familiar relations. This is not criticised at all in the Tanakh.
And as Iīm trying to promote peace: Eaven the babylonian captivity is a good proove that jewish history is much more than a story of surpression, not more than the story of many other peoples. Many jews for centuries stayed in Babylon because it seemed good for them. Cooperation was quite normal.
Well, the shoa in a peculiar eavel story - but eaven in this case: Didnīt eaven more russians were murdered under Stalin, and eaven much more Chinese under Mao? Of cause that doesnīt make the shoa one single bit nicer.
And now I come to Israel. Are you aware that Israel would not exist without Hitler and the Nazis? Hitler and the Nazis, not the Nazis alone. Not all of them were as idiotic as Hitler. For exemple: An oncle of mine was a member of the party and married with a halfjewis woman, that means a German lady with a jewish father. He newer could forseee the nonsense that was to come. So during big parts of the war he gave footmarks to his jewish father in law. Finally he was sent to the front again f
or this.
Without Hitler the English would have hindered the foundation of Israel - but donīt get to thankfull to him. Ok, you do get support for the crimes many of you had to suffer.  But without the mental trauma you had to suffer Israel never would have performed such an idiotic "policy".
Israel turned out to be really Hitlers baby. Born with the mental trauma that hindered it to live in peace with its relatives. Oh believe me, almost murdered I do know what a mental trauma can do.
And weīve prooved in Europe cooperation is much more usefull than conflict, eaven if you have to overcome what had been called hereditary enmity for a long time.

More to the middle east conflict in German

I told you I was almoust killed myself. So I became a peace & health politician too. The superiour therapy that saved me emotionally and mentally after 5 weeks of coma for a crashed brain as result of a political attack was developed by a well respected scientist. Ainīt all this a proove Bonding-Psychotherapy did work verry well? Iīve seen hundrets of successes.

Like at my song "Nie mehr einen Schlauch" (Never again a hose,  not in to my belly and not in to my throat). Only the rhythm is garage band, the rest is me - Iīm not only a politician. As an exemple what I could do long before I was almost killed:  Auf dem Rücksitz von meinīm Porsche. A picture as a musician: Me with my loved but now lost

Gibson Les Paul Gold Top - the loss is result of my psycho-trauma.

I wish You good fun with my songs, and I do hope the bonding psychotherapy that helped many people so much will be better acknowledged.