Peace for Israel and all the others
of the  -  yes, family

Peace in middle east, peace for Israel and the palestinians is very possible. Here you find my message about  that. I donīt think about weapons, but about thinking and knowledge, if you want you can call it wisdom.

Why I do know? Because Iīm a former professional politician and I never was in a political party, so I had to learn more. After a political conflict allmost killed me, I became peace politician, and health politician too. Here why I do think peace for middle east is very, very possible.

Why I did get active ? My jewish grand-grand-grandfather was hunted to death by the nazis (words in German), and I was almost killed unhindered by some idiots who believed as self-loving "antifashists" they might hurt Germans (of cause they were Germans too).

ī90 in Bremen
< First about my political background:

at the annual meeting of the BDS (Germanys then most important association of small enterprises and self employeds where I have worked more than 5 years long. After I had allmost been killed by political violence Iīve hidden my face on this picture.

Here a really exellent certivicate  of work, of cause in German.

With my political expertise I wonīt stay silent with all this nonsense going on all around us. So I got a familiar reason to care what happens to jews (my grandfather, a quarter jew with an exellent military education was only conscriptet when world war II neared itīs end. Like that he could survive and I got the chance to know him.
In my work I have learned to estimate political developements and
actions. After the nazis had destroyed the association I worked for I was ordered to find out its history before war. This was a good opportunity  to get an exellent impression how political developenents happen. Thereīs enough hints to conflicts in the old testament, at least in itīs parts that follow the books mose.
Iīm sure there is no difference to biblical times, and the second part of the old testament tells about ancient conflicts. Or do you think YHWH only told half of the story in the books of Moses, and only the prophets found out the complete truth?
By now it is clear in the holy land there existed much more Israelites than what we call jews now - the decendants of the their leaders, or more exactly: The ones that did not stay in Babylon. It would have been much to costly to expell more than those with the most considerable influence.
Thatīs why when their descendents returned they could only take a minor part of the country, and the temple of the samaritans = the temple of the mass of israelites was considerably bigger than the one in Jerusalem. They could only dare to destroy it after the country had been heavily damaged by an invasion.
And the ancient Jews have never vanished in mysteriour ways. The Romans wouldīnt have forbidden them to live in Jerusalam if they had.
Also because a great part of the historical Jews in their home land got forced to become christians and laster became muslims since, the palestineans surely have more Jewish, Samaritan, or ancient Isrealite forefathers than the jews of today. I donīt dare to say if modern Jews or Palestineans are more "hebrew". Of cause the big mayority of the hebrews later were called Samaritans. Of cause todays Tora was made more long by the descendants of the Babylonian exiles, I do think: It was falsified.
You see you really are one family with your Palestineans.

German version of what I want to tell to you.

I told you I was almoust killed. I sung "Nie mehr einen Schlauch" (Never again a hose, not in my throut and not in my belly). Only the rhythm is garage band, the rest is me - Iīm not only a politician. Before I was almost killed:  Auf dem Rücksitz von meinīm Porsche. A  picture to this: Me with my loved but lost

Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

Iīm a health politician too. The superiour therapy , that saved me emotially and mentally after 5 weeks of coma for a crashed brain. was developed by a jewish scientist. Ainīt all this a proove it worked well?

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