Afraid of German violence? Worried of neonazis? Its worse. much worse...

Germans do love Nazis - politically left ones

* Big disaster for German economy & laws *

Oh, German politicians and newspapers are more than halfblind. Of cause the "neofashists" are nasty, even dangerous. But the more dangerous and the bigger number of "political" assholes comes from the left side.

These idiots call themself "Antifaschisten" (Antifashists) and take the freedom to akt politicaly as violently as they want. Leading German politiciens also in the biggest German State Nordrhein-Westfalen tolerate their violence - theyre all little "antifashists" in their hearts.

So why I dont show my face? I can tell. Ive been crippled enough,

and I do suffer since many years.

 The damage done: As manager of the German society for better, simpler laws I was crippled tolerated by one of the German states - and german bureaucracy anihilates many a thousand places of work.

How I do know? It took almoust 13 years before I had recovered enough to wright this ...

Much more (in German)

"Funny": Im descendent also of one of the last Berlin jews who died under the Nazis (more in German on ) and I dont think it is much better to have been attacked, not because Im a jew, but because Im a German.

Should a German state really tolerate such a nonsense?

Im more than a victim !